Deep House/Casual Compilation Part I

Here’s the first of many Deep House/Casual playlists from etwasetous. It’s time to get listening.

Gold – Bondax (Snakehips Bootleg):


Riptide (FlicFlac Edit) – Vance Joy


Watching You – Duncan Murray:


Fifteen Ft. Cheetah – Goldroom (Oxford Remix):


No Angels Ft. Ella – Bastille vs The XX:


High for This – The Weeknd:


White Noise – Disclosure (XYconstant Remix):


Been A While – Kastle:


Chillin’ Out, Maxin’, Relaxin’, All Cool.

Good Evening all. Enjoyed your return to work/school/uni/realising you’re still unemployed on this crisp Monday at the beginning of December? I didn’t, but as my lecture timetable goes, I have both Tuesday and Wednesday off this week so I’m feeling pretty tranquil and content. Thus, my music choices today will reflect that; there’s been a lull in new music so I thought I’d send out some of the best bits of chilled music to calm everyone else down as they start their weeks. Aren’t I nice?

Starting up, I’ll go to a band most would be surprised to see on a chilled playlist: Enter Shikari. If you ask me, most of their stuff is horrible and an incoherent mess, but when I was younger I had a bit of a guilty pleasure for them. The only song that’s lasted through is ‘Adieu’. Wonderfully relaxed and a rather unappreciated album track on Take to the Skies; in my opinion this is by far the best written of all of the indie/screamo/hardcore band’s songs.

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