After recent endeavours writing for larger blogs, it’s time etwasetous really starts growing. So, welcome to the new site. No more football, no more computer games, and certainly no more history. No more rambling either; await playlists free from my chat, simple streams of high quality audio. Expect music playlists galore, and in short time (reliant on popularity, of course) a YouTube channel.

Time to get listening…


A Music Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some new music. This is partially due to other work and also due to a lull in particularly good music. Hopefully there’s some tracks in here for everyone, enjoy!


Bastille – The Weight Of Living Part II:

Bastille’s debut album, Bad Blood is a decent album, not amazing, but decent. A couple of songs stand out though, one being the popular single, ‘Pompei’, and the other being this, ‘The Weight Of Living Part II’. As always with my lists, there is some catchy music; this track is arguably the most catchy of them all.

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