The Best From Elsewhere

The etwasetous YouTube channel is currently under construction. In the meantime, here’s a sample of the kind of tracks you can expect to be hearing from us in the near future.

Kastle – Stay Forever:


Kavinsky – Odd Look Ft. The Weeknd:


Calvin Harris – Thinking About You (Panic City Remix):


The XX – Fiction (Duncan Murray Remix):


Moby – Porcelain:


Applebottom – Let You:


Disclosure – F For You:




Apologies for the recent slump before writing another post, had a busy bank holiday. Anyway, this time I’m writing about something everyone loves, music. And in particular, music that is more obscure that most stuff out there. From rap, to rock, to dubstep, there’s always hidden jems out there. After each track, I’ll post a link to the song on youtube.

First, I’ll start with one of the best known British bands out there, the Arctic Monkeys. After three outstanding (and one slightly better than average) albums, it seems surprising that the lads from Sheffield would have much material that hasn’t hit the big time. However, prior to their official debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, they released an underground album titled, Beneath the Boardwalk. This album holds a few great songs, but a personal favourite has to be the track ‘Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts’. I would love to write more about the track, but there’s not really space, so here’s the link so you can form your own opinion.

Secondly, we enter the world of rap. Another obscure song from a not-so-obscure artist this time with Childish Gambino. His take on ‘Break (All of the Lights)’ brings a great sound to a well known chorus, mixing a great beat with Donald’s distinctive voice. This one brings some quicker rapping than we usually hear from Gambino but with his usual comedy infused lyrics still present; a favourite example being ‘Donald Glover, you don’t have to call me Childish, except for when I’m flirting with your half-latino stylist.’ Anyway, enjoy.

Up next is an artist I’ve loved since watching the film, Drive. This is French electronic artist, Kavinsky. His most famous track, ‘Nightcall’, brings relaxing music and electronica together in a perfect mix and is a song for any occasion; the true mark of a great tune.

Ever watched the Nikon adverts and thought the song sounded brilliant? So did I, so I did a little researching on the old interweb and found that it’s a song by American band, Radical Face. The track is called ‘Welcome Home’ and is extremely simple, but brilliant at the same time. This one will get repeats on your music player, I’m sure.

Now, I’m a student, so a music list wouldn’t be complete for me without some form of dubstep. Clearly this is an area of mixed opinion so either skip this paragraph or read on if you’re looking for a new track to add to your pre-drinks playlist. This one is a great track from the artist Killagraham. ‘Drop It’ is one of the few modern dubstep songs you don’t get bored of after five or six listens, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Anyone a punk fan? Or a metal fan? How about a mix of both? This time I’ve got one of my favourite bands of all time, English rock band, The Subways. Best known for the song ‘Rock and Roll Queen’ from their first album, Young for Eternity, this band have now released three albums, all infusing catchy guitar and powerful lyrics. However, my personal favourite is one of their heavier songs, ‘Turnaround’, off the album All or Nothing. This song has basically everything I look for in a rock song, punchy guitar and a well written chorus. I’ll never forget seeing this song live, it brings such a pumped up atmosphere.

Penultimately, I’ve got an inclusion for something I usually hate. A mash-up. Normally, these things don’t fit together and sound messy. However, after a boring evening at university, I found myself in that oh-so-dangerous area of repeated clicking of ‘related videos’ on youtube. Luckily, I played it safe and stuck to songs, resulting in me finding this great mash-up of Chiddy Bang’s ‘Mind Your Manners’. This mash-up includes verses from AZ, Jay-Z, Childish Gambino and Nas. My only issue with this one is the inclusion of a Jay-Z line in the chorus before his verse. You’ll spot what I mean, I’m sure. Anyway, other than that, it’s a great track.

Finally, I’m going to end on by far the most obscure of all the above songs. This is a local band of mine, The Tied. This young indie band have now recorded two extremely respectful E.P.s that are definitely worth a listen for anyone; not just friends of the band. I’ve played them to a few different people, from family to uni friends and everyone can see that their songs have catchy licks and that the quartet from Maidstone have great potential. I’ve chosen my personal favourite, a song that featured on the ASOS website, ‘Tell Me Girl’. The band are able to keep a fresh sound in what can often be a rather generic world of indie music with an individual voice and well written lyrics (much like an early Arctic Monkeys). If you only listen to one song on this list, make it this one.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably do another one of these every week or so, hope you enjoyed my writing, and more importantly appreciate the music. Thanks!