The Best Songs: TV Adverts

The other day I was thinking about how much of my music comes from adverts these days. With uni work and whatnot, it becomes a bit dull to read through Q or the NME looking for bands to listen to, yet adverts are forced upon us daily. So, rather than despise them as I’m sure we all do, I’ve decided to embrace the good in them and broadcast some of my favourite tracks from adverts in recent years.

10. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us:

Although only just gaining popularity, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been around for a while. Their track, ‘Can’t Hold Us’, which features on their recent album, can be found in the 2012 Miller Coors advert. A nice upbeat place to start my top 10 and a highly enjoyable song.

9. Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life:

Featuring on a 2009 Halifax ad, this song is one of the few things banks have got right in recent years (ehh, I’m getting in with the economical banter!). Bright Eyes as an artist is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to; this track comes from the album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning.

8. Alex Clare – Too Close:

Number nine on this list is a pretty obvious choice, but hey, obvious doesn’t mean bad; if anything it just proves it’s a good track. I would be surprised if any of you haven’t seen the 2012 Internet Explorer advert featuring this song, but still, it’s great songThe whole of Alex Clare’s The Lateness of the Hour album is pretty good come to think of it.

7. Paul Mounsey – North:

A rather surprise entry is Paul Mounsey’s track, featured in the Visit Scotland adverts over the past few years. It’s odd how a violin can sometimes be the most annoying noise in the world (though at least they didn’t choose bagpipes), yet at times like this, it sounds incredible.

6. Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!

Number seven is a track that features on Budweiser’s pre-football match advert. Bud have always had good ads, from the classic frog adverts, featuring ‘Bud’, ‘Weis’ and ‘Er’ to this more modern hit. You! Me! Dancing! is certainly not  the only good track Los Campesinos have written, I’d highly recommend them to any indie fans.

5. The Asteroid Galaxy Tour – Around the Bend:

Time for the top five. In 2008, Apple were launching their new iPod Touch (before the days of the iPad adverts that seem to dominate TV now) and chose this track by Danish indie-pop outfit, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour to lead their advertising campaign. Upbeat and different, this is an uplifting, and very well chosen track. Their album, Fruit, is a thoroughly enjoyable listen and also contains the track ‘The Golden Age’, used in recent Heineken adverts.

4. Awolnation – Sail:

This track from Awolnation is a unique take on the dubstep sound, holding solid beats in a thoroughly modern sound. It is probably therefore unsurprising that Nokia chose this track to launch the new Nokia Lumia; a phone that Nokia are relying on to keep them up to date with the big-boys of the smartphone world. For me, it fits the adverts perfectly. I’m surprised Red Bull haven’t used it for one of their huge-scale adverts to be honest, especially as Awolnation are signed under their record label.

3. John Murphy – In the House, In a Heartbeat:

Originally from the 28 Days Later OST, Strongbow adopted this song as their own for their latest Strongbow Pear Cider advertising campaign. In the ad, an archer prepares a shot and if you ask me, Strongbow really hit the bullseye choosing this song. Powerful, yet classy (so everything Strongbow isn’t, but still…), this track makes the advert come to life.

2. Woodkid – Run Boy Run:

This track that has recently featured in O2’s priority sports adverts and was so close to topping this list. O2 are a company with a history of good music in their adverts (including ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster the People and ‘Little Boxes’ by Sniffy Dog) but their best to date has to be Run Boy Run, by Woodkid. This is an epic track and also features one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time. For me, this a contender for song of the year.

1. Radical Face – Welcome Home:

This warming track has led one of the most familiar advertising campaigns around. For years we’ve watched a kitten hitching a ride on a turtle, families being reunited and incredible sights from around the globe all to the sound of ‘Welcome Home’ by Radical Face as part of Nikon’s advertising campaign. This one had to clinch my number one spot based on familiarity and the work that it’s done for Nikon alone. Superb song and a superb advertising campaign. The cameras aren’t half-bad too.


Unplaced. Nice Vega – Beast:

I must admit, I hadn’t even heard of this track until today. But after mentioning the idea of this post to friends and asking for people’s favourite tracks from adverts on my Twitter (@OllieMattTurner), it became clear I should take a listen to this. I can’t place it because I haven’t really heard it enough, but it’s undoubtedly one worth a place on my blog. Plus, Bioshock, the game who’s trailer this one comes from looks sick.


So that’s my top 10, plus one extra. Thoughts? Have I missed any? Would you put them in a different order? Or did I simply get it spot on (unlikely)? Whatever your thoughts, please vote below for your favourite song featured on this post! Thanks and happy commenting!

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