10 Of The Best: Who Should Sign Who This January?

As the exciting time that is the January transfer window opens, it is always worth a look into what teams should sign who. This post is my opinion of ten transfers that could really change the seasons of teams in the Premier League. So, in no particular order, here goes nothing.


1. Wesley Sneijder to Man Utd:

Wesley-Sneijder-Inter-MilanSneijder has excelled in many top clubs, and Manchester United are right at the top of the world at the moment. After an announcement from his agent that a move to England is entirely possible, I’d be surprised if Ferguson doesn’t reignite his interest in the Dutchman as Scholes’ age continues to grow.


2. David Villa to Arsenal:

David-VillaAfter Chamakh’s exit on loan, it seems sensible for Arsenal to only loan in a player before they can have confirmation that Chamakh will be completely striken off their wage bill. Therefore, the slightly ageing (especially for Arsenal’s standards) Villa could be perfect. Out of favour at Barcelona, a temporary move to the Premiership may show him whether a permanent move in the summer would be prosperous for him.


3. Joleon Lescott to Aston Villa:

12128Aston Villa are a very young and inexperienced side. Inexperience can really be an issue if mistakes are made in defence; if they are made further up the field the issue can always be rectified. For this reason, Villa’s main concern has to be tightening up at the back. Therefore, the signing of Lescott would be perfect for the team. He’s a life long Villa fan and isn’t getting quite as much game time as he’d like in Manchester.


4. Loic Remy to Newcastle:

Loic+RemyThe loss of Ba to Chelsea is a huge setback for Newcastle, however it must have been foreseen. What the Toon Army need now is to bring in a striker with an edge. Remy has that in electrifying pace and a solid finish. If they can bring him in from Marseille for less than they sold Ba; I’d be willing to claim they’d be in a stronger position than they were in in December.


5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Norwich:

Pierre-Eme+AubameyangWith Grant Holt, you know what you’re getting. A strong forward with a decent finish. He and Hoolahan can work well together, however I believe they are missing a bit of pace as an option up front. If they can break the budget a little, signing Aubameyang from St. Etienne could really push them to become challengers for the Europa League next season.


6. Lewis Holtby to Tottenham:

RTEmagicP_121004_holtby_01Tottenham and Arsenal look set for a close battle to 4th place this year. Tottenham currently seem to have a more rounded team but are still lacking a bit after the loss of both Van Der Vaart and Luca Modric. If they want to repel the Arsenal challenge, they still need to replace these lost men. Signing Holtby from Schalke could make their Champions League dreams come true.


7. Jack Butland to Southampton:

jack-butland_2298712bI’m actually quite a fan of Southampton, they play some good football. With Lambert up-front they always have the threat of a goal. However, they don’t have a solid goalkeeper. For me, the perfect solution to this problem for them would be Jack Butland. One for the long term at the tender age of 19 and yet a proven shot-stopper.


8. Robbie Keane to Swansea City:

Robbie KeaneKeane is available on loan; currently in the break in the American football seasons. Swansea are doing reasonably but could do with someone else to chip in with some goals to take some of the weight off Michu’s shoulders. This could be a great move for both Swansea and LA Galaxy.


9. Andre Arshavin to Fulham:

_62610815_arshavin_624Fulham have been a superb side in recent years. And if they sign Arshavin their front 4 could be incredible; Ruiz, Arshavin, Duff and Berbatov. Arshavin is known to be enjoying life in London at Arsenal, so the short trip to Fulham could be perfect for him. Personally, as an Arsenal fan, I’d like to see this go through as just a loan for the moment to make sure there is nothing more to come from the Russian at top level.


10. Daniele De Rossi to Manchester City:

299684headerI’ve been waiting for De Rossi to arrive in the Premiership for years. A top quality, strong player that seems perfectly suited to the English style. He’s excelled as a strong player in the Italian league with Roma and could be the perfect back up for Yaya Touré whilst he is away at the African Cup of Nations.


So, that’s my top 10 January transfers for the Premier League. Any other suggestions for good transfers this year out there? Disagree with any of my views? Please feel free to comment below. For now; enjoy the excitement of January!

9 thoughts on “10 Of The Best: Who Should Sign Who This January?

    • All we (Tottenham) need is for AVB to splash the cash on Holtby and bring him here before the window closes! Leandro Damiao would be a good one for spurs to grab too!

  1. holtby wont be coming to spurs till the summer and never would have been coming in jan thus your point about pushing for the CL this season is redundant. snejider to utd is unlikely considering what fergies said.

    • At the time of writing, Holtby to Spurs hadn’t been fully confirmed and broadcast. Personally, I believe that buying an important player such as Holtby is worth nearly a million just for the rest of the season when you consider the amount of cash that being in the Champions League would bring back, so I felt that it could be done.
      As for Sneijder, Ferguson hasn’t really been brought into comment (that I know of) since the previous suggestion of a transfer. At that point, Inter held a £40 million price tag and Sneijder was asking for £10 million a year. Surely this delay could just have been fiscal genius from Sir Alex to wait until Sneijder basically demanded a move, thus making his price lower as relations with Inter falter?

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  3. Robbie Keane going to Swansea I just don’t see happening.. He’s not the kind of player/age group that Michael Laudrup usually likes to work with. Glad to see Graham scoring again, but they need a class striker so Michu can stay in his prefered position as attacking midfielder. Aspas from Celta Vigo seems to be a good choice.. Hope The Swans get him.

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