The Top 10 Classic Tracks

This is the first of my new policy of writing Top 10s. I’m starting with classic songs; by my definition that’s anything pre-1990. However I’m sticking largely toward mainstream music as I’m planning on doing more specified topics, such as 1960s music movements etc. Oh and I’ve also only put one song per artist. So here goes nothing!

10. At the bottom of my top 10 are Joy Division with ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. Different to much of the stuff coming out back then. Ian Curtis’ individual guitar is worth noticing too.


9. I’ve never been a huge fan of Elvis, but you’ve got to love ‘A little Less Conversation’. A little less fight, a little more spark.


8. The Stranglers now with ‘Golden Brown’. Absolutely love this song, not many people can get away with the use of a harpsichord.


7. I couldn’t choose which song of Ray Charles’ to include. So I thought I’d choose the one that many people could relate to from Kanye West’s sample of it in his song Goldigger. Here’s ‘I Got A Woman’.


6. I’m about to do something I thought I would never do on my blog, but oh well. It’s time to put a video that was in the previous post. Welcome back Ant Music.


5. The forefounders of indie music now, The Smiths. Arguably, this is their most commercial song but that makes no difference; ‘This Charming Man’ is an excellent track. And mind your eye with Morrissey’s famous spinning flowers trick. Noel Gallagher seems to be a fan too.


4. The best way to start any 1980s music video has to be with a boombox. Congratulations to Luther Vandross for making the coolest thing to come from the 80s. If you haven’t before, take a listen to ‘Never Too Much’.


3. I’m not really one for classic rock, but in my opinion, one band stands above all others, Guns ‘n’ Roses. It’s hard to pick a favourite with great tracks such as ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ etc. However, I believe mine is ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’.


2. Arguably the most incredible and talented man on this list now, Mr. Stevie Wonder. Once again I couldn’t decide which song of his to put in here, but I’ve gone for ‘Superstition’.


1. If you didn’t guess who was going to be top of this list I’d be very surprised. Michael Jackson could have taken this whole top ten to himself after countless hits. For me, it just had to be ‘Billie Jean’.


So that’s my top 10 classic tracks. Upcoming will be the top 10 covers in history and the top 10 songs to come from bands such as the Beatles and the Stones in the 60s. I hope you agree with my list, but of course please comment with any disagreements or opinions of your own!

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