My Music Story

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t hide or shy away from my music taste. I like what I like and am happy with that; I’ve been told before that my music taste is at least half decent, so I thought it’d be interesting for everyone reading (myself included) to see how my music taste has developed. Thus; the following songs are those that really shaped my current view of music. I’ve attempted to put them in roughly the right order of me hearing them too to show how I’ve changed overtime.


Starting poppy but with the best artist arguably ever; Michael Jackson was drummed into me since being a baby. I’m so glad that this is where my music taste began.


Pop rock? A big feature in my life. When I was around ten, this song came into my earshot and I even got a Sum 41 hoodie. Music with a bit of punch to it enters.


Classic rock now. This one came about because I think my dad decided that I was old enough to appreciate some real metal. Guitar led music comes onto the scene.


My first divulgence into the world of indie came from the Playstation game, Gran Turismo 2. This was such a huge song for me that I was listening to it the other day and it was the track that made me realise I should write this blog post. Some songs are incredible and this is one of them.


Easygoing music was something a young boy tends to avoid in his attempts to look cool. However, even myself in such a stage recognised the quality in Stereophonics’ song, ‘Have A Nice Day’.


As someone from a fairly rock-liking family, rap was basically off the radar. However, I grew up just as Eminem was hitting the world. It’s a shame he attempted to¬†incorporate comedy into his rapping, because his song Stan, featuring Dido, is one of my favourite tracks to date.


Metal made a return at this point. And with a bang. System of a Down were so different that they almost scared me. But Chop Suey was unavoidably incredible.


McFly. I was getting fair old by the time this one came out (about 12). I knew that it wouldn’t be ‘cool’ to like their pop-rock. But who cares? Catchy music is good music in my books.


Taking me back onto the straight-and-narrow were the Arctic Monkeys. The lads from Sheffield were the ones that made me realise my favourite genre really was indie. Punchy and some of the best lyrics you’ll ever come across. Oh, and also the band that made me decide to get my first guitar.


My love for indie continued and to this date I have a poster for this band on my bedroom wall. Maximo Park. A completely different sound to what I was used to, and an instant hit.


I’ll admit it. I had an emo stage. But, having said that, I was never full on hating the world; I just liked having a fringe really. Hence the lack of Hawthorne Heights in this list. I went down the other route with the more upbeat songs coming from bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Not the best written stuff you’ll ever hear, but undoubtedly enjoyable.


I remember the first time I listened to MUSE. There I was, sitting in my lounge, flicking through the music channels and suddenly my mind was blown. Bass led, futuristic sounding rock. One of the most epic bands in history.


It took me a while to get into more modern metal. Really, I never truly accepted it as a genre, there’s too much rubbish floating about. However, the guitar riff leading through the chorus of Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold made me realise the talent that goes into some songs.


The difference between this and the previous song is phenomenal. However, after seeing Fionn Regan’s performance of Be Good Or Be Gone on the Mercury Prize show in 2007, I realised just how good music can be when it’s left to one talented guy and his guitar.


After a while of listening to relaxing, folky, music, my music taste took a turn that many have at some point in their lives. I began to hark back to the music that my parents had grown up around. Adam and the Ants, The Clash and Blondie featured heavily for a good year and to this day I still see ‘Ant Music’ as one of the best songs I have ever heard.


Pete Doherty. Splits opinions around many, but musically he is undeniably creative… when he’s clean. The Libertines were him with Carl Barat, however, this song shows some cracks coming between them (excuse the pun).


In 2010 music changed. Maybe the arch-nemesis of ‘real’ music entered the scene. It was time for Skrillex. He came about at the perfect time for me, so I’m a fan. Creating incredible songs and the soundtrack to my freshers year at university, Cinema Ft. Benny Benassi, Skrillex has elevated the dubstep genre above anything anyone could ever have expected. And it all really took off with Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.


After an absolute dubstep overload, I needed a rest in the form of my old friend; indie music. Bombay Bicycle Club are one of the few bands still doing it properly and their three albums have all been top notch.


Rap made a re-entry during my first year of university. Childish Gambino was to thank for this. He’s a rapper that isn’t insulting to the ear, using bouncy beats and largely un-brutal lyrics, Donald Glover opened out my music taste no-end.


Domino by Jessie J. I had sort of drummed it into myself that pop was not good music. But then my old philosophy of ‘if it’s fun to listen to, it’s at least decent’ came back. And to be honest, I’m glad about it. No matter how cool you think you are, get a good pop song playing and you’ll be on your feet and dancing.


My most recent change was probably toward the more relaxed style of music. This may be because the work load at uni has rather dramatically increased, thus I needed background music rather than going out music. I may not be 100% sure why I moved towards this genre, but I am sure who is best at it. The Weeknd. I’ve mentioned him so many times on my blog and I’m happy to do it again. Perfection.


So that’s it. If you ever wonder where my rather odd and highly varied music taste came from, that’s basically the explanation. I’d love to hear of some songs that inspired you guys as I think this is a genuinely interesting topic. So please comment, comment, comment! And as always, like, follow me on Twitter and subscribe!

2 thoughts on “My Music Story

  1. Some of these really take me back!

    Sigh, Cardigans. I wish they were still around. My Favorite Game is my favorite from them and I used to sing Lovefool to annoy myself. Ha. They’re brilliant.
    You never caught Garbage? They had so many great tracks.

    I was talking about this recently, about how after you pass a certain age, you cease to follow music and just stick to old favorites. I wasn’t sure if it was just me but a number of people agreed with me.
    I picked up an artist or a band here and there these days but not as …intensely(?) as I did when I was a teenager.

    • Thanks for reading! I know, did you ever catch Do You Believe by the Cardigans? That one was pretty ace too.

      I know what you mean, I’m just turning twenty and already I can feel it slowing down; the intensity cooling! I used to go out of my way to find new bands but now they have to be really forced on me by people at uni, it’s a shame really.

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