The Top Twenty Central Midfielders in the Barclays Premier League

I recently stumbled upon a post about the top 20 central midfielders in the EPL. I wasn’t a big fan, but liked the idea, so I figure I’ll have a go. Just for a word, there’s a couple of players like Hazard and Silva who I’ve left out because I see them more as wingers than central midfielders. So, here goes.


kevin-nolan-west-ham20. Kevin Nolan – West Ham United:

This man is leading the Hammers. With five goals to his name already in the Prem, he looks to be a man capable of rallying the troops in order to gain a solid, mid-table finish this season in East London.


297807-abou-diaby19. Abou Diaby – Arsenal:

This guy brings a whole new aspect to the Arsenal midfield… when he’s fit. He holds pace and the ability to carry the ball forward at speed; an attribute often lacked by a technical but often predictable Arsenal team.


tom-cleverley_281106618. Tom Cleverley – Manchester United:

Young English talent. Looks like he holds a decent touch and creative vision; a great base for any midfield player. Even already, he is far better than Carrick, his rather dull (albiet consistent) team mate.


sandro_1500545a17. Sandro Raniere – Tottenham Hotspur:

The Brazilian, signed by Harry Rednapp, is extremely powerful and tough in the tackle, but he’s still learning. He looks solid enough going forward, but his willingness to get back and recover when Spurs loose the ball is questionable.


Football_-_Premier__696616t16. Frank Lampard – Chelsea:

The Frank Lampard that had the pace and ability to tear defences apart may be one of the past, but the man’s footballing intelligence remains. He still holds an incredible right foot, for both shooting and passing. His career has got at least another season left at the very top.


hi-res-153028538_crop_exact15. Mikel Arteta – Arsenal

An extremely consistent performer. Epitome of composure in the middle of the park with a lethal long range finish when the time comes. He currently holds the highest passing completion record in the league.


tiote_278053014. Cheick Tiote – Newcastle United:

After a great season season last time around, the Ivorian and his performances have remained industrial as ever. He and Ba are likely to pay a key part to Newcastle’s climb back up the table this season, I’m sure.


steven-gerrard-620-53542691713. Stephen Gerrard – Liverpool:

He’s faced a lot of criticism in recent times from many, including myself. However, after a few dodgy patches in recent years, it seems there’s still very much life in the old dog. His passing is still up amongst the best.



12. Michu Miguel Perez Cuesta – Swansea City:

Arguably more of a striker, but I see him as an attacking midfielder and a key part to Swansea. A great coup from the management in Wales, an absolute goalscoring machine, enough said.


Lucas-Liverpool-Tiempo-111. Lucas Leiva – Liverpool:

Suffered an unfortunate amount of injuries in his career, but still a vital cog in the Liverpool midfield. Any supporter of the club will tell you he’s one of the most under-appreciated players in the league; and in this case, it seems they’d be right.


scott-parker-spurs-101110. Scott Parker – Tottenham Hotspur:

A classic defensive midfielder, rarely puts a foot wrong and will throw himself into any challenge. Decent passing ability combined with tenacity to match the most snappy of puppies, Parker would be a useful asset to any team in the league.


Samir Nasri injury9. Samir Nasri – Manchester City:

The Frenchman has some of the quickest feet in the league, undoubtedly. As an Arsenal fan, it was a pain to see him go, but he hasn’t progressed quite as much as many would have liked.


pg-64-wilshere-getty8. Jack Wilshere – Arsenal:

After over a year out with injury, Jack is back in the Arsenal team and is showing he still has all the ability people were scared he may have lost. Pace, skill and vision to match the very best; the future of the English midfield?


Juan-Mata_28364287. Juan Mata – Chelsea:

A midfield maestro. Skillful on the ball and prepared to work for his fellow blues. One of a long list of incredible Spanish midfielders, Mata is a vital part of the Chelsea midfield and general mechanism.


Yohan-Cabaye56. Yohan Cabaye – Newcastle United:

Yet another skillful Frenchman with a fantastic array of passing ability. Plays a massive role in the Newcastle line up; his link up play with Ben Arfa in particular is something to behold.


youssouf-mulumbu-2806603945. Youssouf Mulumbu – West Bromich Albion:

West Brom’s season couldn’t have gone better for them so far. A lot of this is due to the rock within an incredibly over-achieving WBA team, Mulumbu. Powerful and creative both at once, the Baggies fans have a lot to thank him for.


ramires_1525198a4. Ramires Santos do Nascimento – Chelsea:

Brazilian skill and flair, mixed with raw pace and confidence in moving the ball forward. Ramires adds an extra bit of spice to the midfield at the Bridge and has a pretty decent finish on him too.


Santi-Cazorla_28143993. Santi Cazorla – Arsenal:

This Spaniard has hit the league running. After arriving this summer, Cazorla has been one of few highlights in the early struggles to Arsenal’s season. Full of tricks with vision that can match anyone.


f174cb466d6e35758c55914a3869c2ca2. Marouane Fellaini – Everton:

Top scorer in an extremely impressive Everton side. Extreme skill for someone of his height. Fellaini has sparked David Moyes’ side into action this year with great effect. Hugely talented with a great future ahead of him. P.s. I have to mention the hair; it’s so big!


Manchester City v Manchester United - FA Cup Semi Final1. Yaya Touré – Manchester City:

We have our winner. Similar to Diaby and Ramires, but just in a class of his own. Combining power, pace, finishing ability and leadership, Yaya Toure for me had to be number one. The best, from the best league in the world.


So, that’s my list. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The Top Twenty Central Midfielders in the Barclays Premier League

    • In my introduction, I stated that I wasn’t including players such as Silva as they excel on the wing too often and thus would cloud opinion on how good they are as a central midfielder. As for Mata, at the time of writing, Cazorla had more assists, more goals and was largely carrying Arsenal. I’ll concede that at this stage of the season, Mata has been excelling (though it is a lot easier to excel when you have a team built with millions of pounds to play with). Thanks for reading!

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