Chillin’ Out, Maxin’, Relaxin’, All Cool.

Good Evening all. Enjoyed your return to work/school/uni/realising you’re still unemployed on this crisp Monday at the beginning of December? I didn’t, but as my lecture timetable goes, I have both Tuesday and Wednesday off this week so I’m feeling pretty tranquil and content. Thus, my music choices today will reflect that; there’s been a lull in new music so I thought I’d send out some of the best bits of chilled music to calm everyone else down as they start their weeks. Aren’t I nice?

Starting up, I’ll go to a band most would be surprised to see on a chilled playlist: Enter Shikari. If you ask me, most of their stuff is horrible and an incoherent mess, but when I was younger I had a bit of a guilty pleasure for them. The only song that’s lasted through is ‘Adieu’. Wonderfully relaxed and a rather unappreciated album track on Take to the Skies; in my opinion this is by far the best written of all of the indie/screamo/hardcore band’s songs.


Bombay Bicycle Club. I find it difficult to write anything on here about music without mentioning them, and viola, once again they appear. It’s annoying that their name makes them look like just another one of the decent ‘Club’ bands (Two Door Cinema Club, Toyko Police Club etc.) because BBC have something completely different and unique. ‘Swansea’ is a mellow track and just happens to be top of my iTunes most played.


If you know anything about music, then you know a set of songs such as this had to include something by The Weeknd. One of the most talented artists for a while; Abel’s time to shine on the centre stage is surely now. Brilliant voice and even better beats – unrivalled and genre defining, The Weeknd is the future of R&B and for one, this pleases me. Here’s ‘Wicked Games’.


As always with me, it’s time for a bit of dubstep. But, this is real dubstep, not all that Skrillex and Nero malarky. Proper dubstep from it’s reggae origins, slow and chilled. Mt Eden are the masters of this, and I couldn’t choose any song other than ‘Sierra Leone’ as a select track (though both ‘Omen’ and ‘Still Alive’ are also awesome tracks).


Acoustic performances are often nice to watch, but a pain to listen to – notes can be missed and voices sound different to original recordings. However, when you’re a truly talented musician, these acoustic performances are often the best performances for the fans, even to listen to. Therefore, it’s unsurprising to hear that Alex Turner’s version of ‘Suck it and See’, originally played by his full band, The Arctic Monkeys, is great to listen to. This is a personal favourite as a long term Arctic Monkeys fan.


Radiohead are one of the best bands of the last couple of decades, inspiring other huge bands, including the likes of Muse. ‘Street Spirit’ is a song I first heard when I had to study the music video for it back at school; it’s a great song with a meaningful video. Worth a good few listens.


I’m ending this post with a well written and extremely chilled song. Alex Clare is known for his dubstep infused songs such as ‘Treading Water’ and ‘Too Close’, however ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ is just the man with his piano. Perfect background music, but still musically accomplished.


That’s all for now. As always, please follow me both on here and Twitter, @OllieMattTurner. If you’ve got any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them below!

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