My friend Peter is a bit weird. But he’s starting a blog, and he’s a nice guy, so take a look. I’ve also just thought that that makes it sound like I’m helping a friend with learning difficulties – he’s a smart guy (on the topics he talks about at least). Enjoy!



There’s always been that awkward first few seconds when you meet someone new, try something new or come across something that has just been sprung upon your poor self either by coincidence or by some freak occurrence that leaves you thinking “I wish I had been prepared for that” – so let’s cut to the chase?

My name is Peter.

“demediator” is an attempt at wit where I have taken the word ‘mediator’, meaning: ‘a negotiator who acts as a link between parties’ (thanks Google define!), and transmogrified it into linking it to the main focus of this here blog – the media. Therefore all you bright young sparks can assume that I, Peter, will be your link into the world of media and its ongoings or at least the ongoings from my perspective – the right perspective. The ‘de’ derives from the translation of the word ‘the’ into the Dutch…

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