Musicality; Take II

I’ve come back to music pretty sharpishly today after enjoying writing my post yesterday and it’s relative popularity too. I’m bringing back a few more obscure bits of music that I feel people should know about. Same format as before, brief comment on the song, then a link. Hope you enjoy and happy listening.

I’m starting this post, much like the previous one, with a huge band. Muse. Recently voted as NME’s most exciting live act in history, they’ve released a couple of tracks from upcoming album, The 2nd Law. The song I’ve chosen to include has started to grow in views on YouTube, the track ‘Madness’. A few of the comments I’ve seen are questioning whether it’s a let-down to previous Muse songs, but I feel that although there isn’t the usual rock/guitar led tune, the song builds brilliantly. Besides, I’m sure the rest of the album will deliver some strong, classic rock.

Next up, one of my favourite indie bands of recent times, and one of the few that have excelled in a particularly poor period for indie music; London-based, Bombay Bicycle Club. Fairly famous, I know, but I’ve chosen a random album track that deserves as much credit as singles such as ‘Always Like This’ and ‘Ivy & Gold’. ‘Ghost’ is a great song using the usual mix of catchy guitar and individual voice.

Time for some well written and rather relaxing rap, courtesy of Frank Ocean. ‘Novacane’ is a song that mixes a solid beat with well written lyrics; the two main components of a good rap song. Oh, and he’s pretty much the epitome of cool. Also, apologies for the lyrics video, the official video doesn’t use the full song for some reason.

Electronic rock is a dodgy area of music. Often messy and rarely any good, the band Ratatat stands out miles ahead of the pack. The track, ‘Loud Pipes’ is second in my iTunes top played for a reason. This is the definition of chilled out music. Ratatat, you’ve done well.

Continuing the relaxing feeling comes critically acclaimed, The Weeknd. ‘House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls’ has one of the best tunes to it I’ve ever heard. Forget anything you’ve heard before-this song is likely to have a better beat than any of them. Completely individual and equally as brilliant, this song deserves it’s critical recognition.

After that rather sleepy set of songs comes a great track from American rock band, Young The Giant. I first heard these guys just over a year ago on Jooles Holland and a few of their songs are top class. They still have a way to go before I’d claim that they are an excellent band, but the song ‘My Body’ does a lot to suggest that they’re on their way to good things.

A second rap track now, this time from growing YouTube sensation, Hoodie Allen. The contrast between this and the aforementioned Mr Ocean is huge for two rap artists. But that’s not a gulf in talent, simply style. The track ‘No Interruption’ is one of the most upbeat rap songs I’ve ever heard and has a mildly racy chorus that is unlikely to leave your head any time soon. Oh, and if you fancy a bit more of Hoodie Allen, check out the track ‘No Faith In Brooklyn’, also a great song, I wasn’t sure which to include in this list to be honest.

On the whole, I think it’s fair comment to say that good American indie music is hard to come across. One of the few bands that seem to be creating good music in the genre is The Films. I first heard this song back in 2006 when it came out as part of their album Don’t Dance, Rattlesnake. Unfortunately, as it’s fairly old, the quality of the audio on YouTube doesn’t quite do it justice, but seriously, this is one catchy song.

I’m finishing this post with a song from a genre that I used to hate but am slowly growing to. Dance/House music. ‘Brighter Day’ by Yanou isn’t exactly the sort of song you’d want to listen to in your lunch break at work, but once it’s a Friday evening and this comes on, you start to pick up on why Dance music remains strong. Enjoy!

Anyone that has got any suggestions of songs they think deserve a place in one of my posts then please leave a comment-I’m always open to new music from any genres! For now, I hope you enjoy the music and enjoy your evening.

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