2nd Stage, Identity Theft

I didn’t think I’d be posting already, but I just caught the second half of new BBC Three comedy, Bad Education. I hadn’t actually bothered to make time for this programme as I rarely find comedies entertaining, but turned it on whilst I was getting ready for bed to be pretty surprised.

The Cast of Bad Education

After watching Fresh Meat, I assumed Jack Whitehall was always going to be stuck in one role. Turns out, I was right. However, his character (didn’t actually pick up his name, ah well… seemed to be a history teacher) still fits the bill in Bad Education.

Normally, I’d like to give more of an introduction to what the programme is, but if I tried that with something I watched for quarter of an hour at a push I’d probably just get it all wrong, so I’ll throw myself in the deep end.

The programme is a lot less try hard than Fresh Meat and that works in its favour. Stupidity will always win me over in comedies, be it Del falling through the bar in Only Fools and Horses or Ross getting a ridiculous fake tan in Friends. And thus, a scene involving Jack’s character claiming a student’s mum has died due to a degenerative disease at a parents evening (which, completely predictably but still strangely humorously, the student’s parents are at), in order to impress a fellow teacher, was always going to fair well with me. This is topped with an accusation at the bamboozled mother, after she states that she is said woman and has not passed onto the other side that she is in stage two of denial, identity theft. This, combined with other should-be-offensive jokes, such as a class divided into black and white sections in order to teach the children about South Africa, help to give the programme a refreshing feel in the normally rather PC world of the Beeb.

Anyway, I’ll watch the programme again, but I’ve got a nasty feeling it was just a one off that made me laugh. Oh, and I’ll try and pick up the characters’ names before writing a post next time, that’d probably help to make the whole thing flow a bit better.


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